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Production process

Saturated Polyester Resin Process drawing

  • Input Raw materlals - input raw materials in the effector.
  • Response - Polycondensation Reaction at the optimal temperature
  • Inspection - Check the deaned property of matter
  • Cooling/Transfer - Liquid cooling, solidification, transter
  • Packing/Release - Shipment by 25kg, 500kg, 750kg unit

01Raw materials are stored in the warehouse

Import inspection of the materials which are stored in the warehouse is conducted according to inspection standard of the raw materials.

02Measuring and the process to input the raw materials

Measuring and input of the raw materials are gradually done when the required quantity is input by introducing the automation system.

03Response process

The composit process which is the most core on in the production processes secured safety of the quality and work as it is arranged by the automatic control method by the PLC system and especially CR(Control Room) is designed to make you control and manage the process effectively by monitoring the whole production process.

04Inspection process

The inspection process is largely divided into import, product, response and middle inspection.Middle inspection is conducted to check fitness of the middle standard of response in the production process.

05Transfer process

  • When response is completed, cooling transfer of products is done by the flaker facilities after filtering the products.
  • The flow part of the products is blocked from the outside not to cause pollution due to the environmental factors.

06Packing process

As all the processes are automated, production efficiency is higher and we can satisfy your various demands (25kg / 500kg / 750kg)

07Shipment of the products

The products whose packing is completed are moved to custodian warehouse and shipment is arranged according to request of customers.